The world's leading organisation for manufacturers and suppliers
of broadcast and media technology products and services.
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IABM is the world's largest international trade association for suppliers of broadcast and media technology and it's members represent over 80% of the market’s revenues. IABM members have never had a greater need for timely, relevant and worthwhile advice and support. Having an effective and accessible website is vital for IABM to connect to it's members and to other broadcast and media businesses and provide the latest news, advice and resources.

IABM are a major forward thinking organisation on the cutting edge of media and technology. They needed a contemporary and stunning design to reflect this.

We started by looking closely at the previous version of the website and identifying what worked about the site and what was less successful. We then focused on the goals of IABM, what the design needed to convey about the organisation as well as the functionality that was required. Finally we looked at how the organisation and the broadcast and media technology industry had grown since the last iteration of the website as well as where the industry was heading. We then started to create the design, at all times basing our compositions around the functionality and usability that the site required.
Website design on iMac
The colour scheme of the site was based upon IABM’s existing branding, the purple and blue of the logo being well know within the media industry. We expanded upon this with different coloured icons and headings to create a warmer, fuller feel.

Central to every page design is the desire to convey information in a clear, clean and attractive manner. We mixed a basic clean white page with large background images and coloured panels to break up the sections of the web pages and lead the visitors eye to different areas.
Website design on iPad Portrait
Website design on iPad Portrait
IABM are an enormous and multifaceted organisation and their website is central to their concern and the number one contact point between them and their members. They are ensconced at every level of the media field and offer a huge range of different services to their members and to the media industry at large such as; industry reports, networking and other events, a supplier directory, training and advice. This great range of services is manifested on the website as a host of different robust and bespoke functionality all of which is easy for visitors to access and use.
Website design on iPad Landscape
Website design on iPad Landscape
IABM members are tech savvy and need to access the website across a broad range of different devices. IABM members could be working in a production office or manufacturing plant but they could just as easily be working in a television or recording studio or visiting an event; wherever they are it is vitally important for IABM members to be able to comfortably access the information they need. Because of this it is of vital importance that the website be accessible, streamlined, look great and be easy to use across both mobile and desktop devices. We ensured that this is the case by creating the new IABM website to be fully responsive so that IABM members can always easily find the information they need.
Website design on iPhone
Website design on iPhone
Website design on iPhone


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