eCommerce Features Index. 

Our eCommerce websites come loaded with great functionality to increase sales

Product Management

✓ Assign to multiple categories
✓ Quick-add new products
✓ Bulk update products
✓ Duplicate products
✓ Add related products
✓ Featured products
✓ Product meta-tags
✓ Manage stock
✓ Customisable stock statuses
✓ Custom pricing for different customers
✓ Special offers
✓ Multi-buy discount
✓ Multiple images
✓ Product videos
✓ Product reviews

Order Management

✓ Customer registration & management
✓ Order status codes to track orders
✓ Stock management
✓ Customer groups / trade pricing
✓ Multiple shipping & tax rates
✓ Customer database
✓ Customer invoice
✓ VAT & shipping set up
✓ Payment gateway setup
✓ Customer order statuses to track order
✓ Customer order status notifications
✓ Delivery tracking integration
✓ Easily add refunds
✓ View customers' past orders
✓ Advanced reports

Sales & Marketing Tools

✓ Coupon codes
✓ Gift vouchers
✓ Special offers
✓ Multi-buy discounts
✓ Reward points
✓ Landing pages
✓ Trade areas / pricing
✓ Featured products
✓ Related products
✓ Best selling products
✓ Product wishlists
✓ Affiliate marketing
✓ Free gifts
✓ On-site SEO Tools
✓ Email marketing system integration
✓ Dropped basket emails
✓ Intelligent email automations
✓ Live product feeds (Google, Facebook etc)
✓ Social media marketing
✓ Google Adwords / Bing Paid Search
✓ SEO Optimised


✓ Mobile-Friendly Design
✓ Page Keywords and Descriptions
✓ Customizable Page URLs
✓ Alt and Description Tags
✓ Robots.txt
✓ Site Map
✓ Vary: user-agen


✓ Fully Responsive
✓ Fully Styled Up
✓ Accessible Site-Wide
✓ Entirely Customizable
✓ Syndicated Content
✓ Improves SEO
✓ Multiple Authors

Image Management

✓ Image manager
✓ Organise images in folders
✓ Multiple image formats
✓ Add image alt tags

Website Architecture

✓ Reliable Hosting
✓ Site Backups
✓ Global CDN
✓ Site Duplication
✓ Custom Domain
✓ RESS (Dynamic Serving)
✓ Fully Responsive Framework
✓ Analytics

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